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Complete "TOTAL PROPERTY CARE" Package

Ensure year-round peace of mind with our Complete "TOTAL PROPERTY CARE" Package, designed to offer comprehensive solutions for every aspect of property management. This extensive package encompasses a suite of services tailored to keep your property secure and pristine throughout the year. It includes Property Watch Services, where we conduct bi-weekly home inspections during the off-season months from November to March. These inspections are critical in ensuring that your property remains in excellent condition, identifying potential issues before they become costly problems.

Additionally, the package covers all facets of Absentee Owner Services. This includes managing the opening and securing of your property for winter, overseeing deliveries of furniture, and coordinating necessary appliance repairs to ensure everything is in order and functional for the season ahead. Furthermore, our Storm Watch Services prepare and care for your resort property before and after major storms, safeguarding it against severe weather impacts. With this package, you can relax knowing that every detail of your property's upkeep and safety is being professionally managed throughout the year.

  • $25 - 1 visit per Month
  • $45 - 2 visits per Month
  • $75 - 4 visits per Month (weekly)

Choose the Complete "TOTAL PROPERTY CARE" Package for uninterrupted care and expert management of your property. Contact us today to secure this essential service for your peace of mind!

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