Kevin & Misssi McGraw

Meet Kevin & Missi McGraw, the dynamic duo behind Beach Condo Cleaning, where meticulous attention to detail meets genuine care. Missi, a retired educator and devoted mother of two, founded the company along with her husband Kevin, after retiring from more than three decades of teaching on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Her journey into the cleaning business began as a favor to a friend, but her commitment to excellence quickly transformed her into the go-to person for dissatisfied property owners in the Ocean City resort area.

Beach Condo Cleaning’s approach to their service is imbued with personalized care and a heartfelt commitment to exceeding expectations. Missi believes in forging lasting relationships built on trust and quality service, ensuring every client feels like part of her family. Her promise to be punctual and provide a cleaning experience that goes beyond the basics has propelled Missi’s Beach Condo Cleaning to become a highly trusted name in the community.

Working alongside Missi is her husband, Kevin, who shares her passion for maintaining high standards. With a background in project management and customer service, Kevin's keen eye for detail and hands-on approach are instrumental in the company's daily operations. He oversees logistics, manages client relations, and ensures that the team is equipped to deliver the reliability and thoroughness that Beach Condo Cleaning is known for.

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